The Most Beautiful Parades and Festivals of the World: Welcome to Canada.

In the recent years, Canada started to encourage more investors, curators, filmmakers, artists, scientists, musicians and chefs to come and meet the Canadian people via different social events. According to the Canadian Government, it is crucially important for a society to benefit from the opportunities of interaction offered by the social events. Therefore, the range and scope of the social events are enlarged in the recent years.

With her cultural diversity and welcoming social policies, Canada still functions as a host for different languages, cultures, believes and traditions. The number of colorful festivals and parades that are offered sponsorship or the funds increases each year. Here is a short list of colorful parades and festivals with unlimited entertainment that are organized in Canada:

  • Pride Parade in Toronto: Normally held in June, the Pride Parade reflects all the colors of the human body on Toronto streets. For the first time in 2016, the PM Justin Trudeau has joined the parade and the Parade boosted its popularity after that. A great social event to participate.
  • Winterlude in Ottawa: Attracting around 600 thousand people from all around Canada, this special winter welcoming celebration hosts ice artists from all over the world.
  • Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec: Being organized in Quebec City, this organization is full of fireworks and great entertainment, complemented by parade and festival sections. RBC and Loto Québec are the main sponsors generally.
  • Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa: Offering an indoor tulip and sculpture garden, this festival invites everybody to come and enjoy the beauties of nature while getting socialized with each other. Great social event for environment lovers who would like to enjoy the variety of colors on tulip fields.
  • Halifax international Busker Festival: Great opportunity for those who would like to see the Canadian streets at night, enlightened with the artistic performances of the international buskers. Great social event to unite all the street artists and buskers from all around the world.