The wedding ceremonies bring so much fun, waves of laughter and emotional moments not only to the bride and the groom but also to their families and the guests as a whole. From all kinds of colors and styles, people present positive energies and happiness all day long. The wedding clothing is a part of this fabulous magic as well. Depending on the season of the wedding ceremony, people’s preferences for the wedding apparel can vary; however, there are some secret codes applied to the wedding clothing mentality. Here is a short list of the secret codes of wedding clothing which are accepted and applied by almost every guest on that special day.

The Rules of the Game: Wedding Clothing

Many couples prefer hosting their wedding ceremonies during the summer or spring seasons due to the miracles of the mother nature. However, there are also amazing wedding celebrations organized in autumn and winter as well. Here are some non-verbal rules of wedding clothing that are applied regardless of the season and everybody is aware of:

  • The wedding day is not organized as a pool day or a simple partying day, therefore all guests need to have clean and neat clothes depending on the weather. This shows that guests also value this special day along with the bride and the groom.
  • No woman can dress up in a way which might threaten the beautiful look of the bride. The wedding day is absolutely the bride’s day for being the queen.
  • No woman can dress in the same color with the bridal gown because the bride supposed to be shining all day long.
  • The close friends of the groom can be in black suits but no man in this group can shine up his style in a way that he would look more charismatic than the groom himself.
  • Bridesmaids are expected to be in dresses that are in the shades of pastel colors.