The Impact of Social Media on Social Events Management

The planning stage of the social events requires all event planners to get into professional interaction with the customers as well as the third party stakeholders, i.e. restaurant owners, the managers of pubs, the distributors of wedding accessories and the leader of the catering service. This social interaction can be strengthened with face to face oral communication while spending time with people or with social media tools by applying marketing strategies. The general aim of using social media for your social events is to show how successful the event is planned and executed and to gain more customers for the future jobs. Recently, the mouth to mouth advertisement is turned into a digital advertisement which people show each other the things that they liked most from the digital screens of their smartphones or quickly give a mention through social media to keep their friends aware of the upcoming event.

Increasing the Popularity of Social Events with Social Media

By using social media tools, the popularity of social event can increase dramatically. Here is a short list of newly updated social media tools that have a great impact on the public recognition of the social event:

  • Facebook: Creating a formal Facebook page of the event can increase the accessibility of the event. People can find short information about the organization and choose to participate right away.
  • Twitter: The preparations for the event can be announced daily from Twitter so that the possible fans or the participants of the event can get more engaged with the organization. Tracking the responses from the audience is always important.
  • E-Mail marketing: It is always prestigious to send online invitations to possible participants of the event. The text on the invitation can have positive impacts on the guests and the level of participation can increase.
  • Instagram: You can post all the phases of the social event in the form of photos, stories, and videos while creating an ”alive” atmosphere.