Psychological Reasons of Using Food and Drinks with Slot Machines

The popularity of gambling as a form of entertainment has dramatically increased especially in the recent years. For the Government of Canada, the number of people who are spending enormous time in front of slot machines in the casinos or playing online casino games through the internet has skyrocketed. The Canadian Government warns people who show a greater tendency for gambling and casino games not to get addicted and have a safer plan in mind for more protection. While digital platforms such as offer informative descriptions about the rules of the casino games and the possibility of losing all the installed money, many users share the common experience of disappointment and confusion. In order to reduce this negative feeling of losing money all the time, famous casinos offer drinks and snacks for free to the users of slot machines. However, there is a more profound psychological explanation for the reason why slot machines may depict the icons of food and drinks on their reels.

Why do we see food and drinks on the slot machines?

Creating slots with food and drinks is a strategy applied by the online gambling platforms and actual casinos. It is estimated that people possess a great curiosity for trying out new games. However, they are so afraid of losing all their money in a short time interval. That is why people tend to install a small amount of money when they are gambling at casinos.

The general aim of creating slots with food and drinks is to reduce the psychological pressure on people about losing all their money instantly. Since food and drink icons are aspects of daily life the users are assured that they are safe in whatever they are playing. Moreover, the colorful pictograms and icons create a less dense and serious atmosphere for the slot machine users. That is why it is highly possible to see these icons on the screen of the slot machine.