Planning the most amazing day of your life might take so much time and effort than you can estimate in the beginning. However, there is no problem without a solution. If you apply some basic steps in deciding the soul and the theme of your wedding, then everything comes together just like the different pieces of a puzzle. Remember, the number one rule of planning your wedding is do not make any stress, do not get panicked even if your time is limited.

What is a Must and What Should be Completely Avoided for Planning Your Wedding

As soon as ”she says yes”, you both can start planning the most amazing day of your life. Without insisting on strict time schedules, we provide you a brief list of important points that you should pay special attention to:

  • Decide on the theme of your wedding ceremony: Would you like to enjoy some influences from 70’s or 90’s in your wedding? Or the elegance and the entertainment themes would simply be enough for you? This decision would determine the soul of the whole celebration.
  • Plan your budget: When it comes to wedding ceremonies, the couples enjoy exaggerating the preparations. This might cause problems later on. Be realistic and leave some additional money as the safety net for the later payments.
  • Create a guest list: This would enable you to make an estimation about the number of guests and the size of the wedding area that you would need for the ceremony.
  • Look for wedding avenues or places: Would you like to be in a palace or an open garden under the colorful bulbs accompanied with the fresh scent of the green grass? Make your decision according to the theme of the wedding.
  • Work directly or closely with an event planner: Your wedding planner is there to help you with the dates, organization and the post-wedding preparations too. Just have a planner’s perspective with you and stay calm!