Wedding ceremonies might be the most entertaining day for bride and groom, however, the wedding itself is such a great organization and a serious task for an event planner. The preparations for wedding ceremonies start around one year prior to the actual day of the ceremony while including many details and orders to be completed. Regardless of this huge responsibility on their shoulders, the event planners try to add some creativity and unexpected surprises on their to-do list so that the customers would be amazed while enjoying the most amazing day of their life.

The Ideal Mentality for Wedding Planners

The preparations for the wedding ceremonies can start as soon as ”she says yes!” However, this happy decision brings along so many things to be organized and so many questions to be answered. Here is a quick list for wedding planners to follow:

  • Tackle the inspiration from the eyes of the bride and the groom: Try to find out the ideal theme that the bride and the groom have in mind so that the whole wedding ceremony can be organized around this grand idea or style.
  • Listen to the proposals and ideas on the wedding ceremony: Listen carefully the ideas coming from the wedding couple. Take notes on creative demands and if necessary warn them for unrealistic ideas.
  • Calculate the most likely cost of the wedding and propose this to the bride and groom: Inform the couple about the average costs in the very beginning so that they would not need to change plans later on.
  • Pay attention to different phases of psychological reactions: Try to answer all the demands in a calm manner even if the tension increases between the couples.
  • Be the main accountable for the communication between third parties and the wedding couple: Try to keep in touch with the catering, photographer and the music groups by yourself, rather than stressing the wedding couple with these issues.