The social event planner is expected to organize a very special day of joy and celebration for the customers. However, depending on the aim and scope of the organization, the workload and the level of stress change. Throughout the process, the social event planner carries the heavy responsibility of being the only accountable person for the organization details until the last moment. This requires them to be able to answer all the needs of the clients continuously. As a result of the event, the planner becomes a part of the family.

Main Principles of Social Event Planning

The main principles of social event planning help each planner in various events and celebrations, therefore if you are a planner, it is good to make sure that you know these principles before accepting the task.

  • Know your clients very well:

It is crucial to read the facial mimics and gestures of your clients during the decision-making process. This will give you a confirmation that they are satisfied with the details or they want to change things right at that moment.

  • Be detail oriented:

Subtle details and creative surprises make each client happier than they are expecting. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the execution of each detail and presenting them in a neat way.

  • Double-Check the Plans:

Sometimes there might be external places that planners need to rely on: restaurants, venues, bar. It is good to pay technical visits before the events and to double check the plans with the owners of these places.

  • Use a simulation software if needed:

There are plenty of social events software ready for your use. If you think that the details and the plans need to be corrected by a software, don’t hesitate to use one to guarantee the excellence of the social event.

  • Always be reachable:

It is crucial to be always reachable and easy-going for social events. This will bring a good reputation and increase customer satisfaction.