The scope and the aim of the social event may change the details that social event planners should be working on. Here is a short list of the most popular social events and the critical points that each social event planner needs to pay attention to:

  • Birthday Celebrations:

Parents and sometimes kids themselves are highly interested in birthday celebrations. Creative ideas, videos of memories, photo slideshows might be asked from the planner in addition to the basics of a birthday celebration.

  • Anniversaries:

One of the couples is mostly engaged with the organization. This type of social event requires a relatively less extended budget since there would only be two people at the event. However, the demands of the client can be very luxurious and high level. It might require technical visits to restaurants or venues while allowing a room for third-party contractors.

  • Engagement Ceremonies:

Families gather for the engagement of the couple, therefore it is important to listen and reply back the demands from both families. There might be multi-decision makers so that each detail coming from different parties is pivotal. Make sure that different demands do not cause trouble between families.

  • Weddings:

The most typical and popular form of the social events. They are organized a couple of months prior to the actual wedding day. Its scope can extend to more than 200 people. Therefore a thorough work with self-discipline is needed for each and every detail of that special day.

  • New Child Welcoming:

The event is organized mostly by the parents for the guests and friends who would be coming to see the newborn babies. According to the color preferences of the parents, the venue or the celebration room can be decorated while hanging the names of the kids just behind the welcoming table that is specially designed for the guests. Light pastries along with soft drinks (sometimes champagne is also asked) can be offered to the guests. Smiling photos are mandatory.