Awe-inspiring and Astonishing Social Events of Canada

From all around the world, thousands of visitors come to Canada for joining social events that are held at different times of the year. Therefore, in each season there is a unique group of social events happening in different regions of Canada. The scope and the range of the social events differ very much according to the general theme of the events. However, one thing is common for all: there are no regrets and there is nobody not astonished after Canadian events. Here is a list of most recent and most influential social events that are taking place in all around Canada.

Visiting Canada: Just Dive into Social Events

  • Vancouver International Film Festival: A must-see festival organized in Canada each year hosting producers, artists, scriptwriters and all the other talented people of this sector. During the Vancouver International Film Festival around ten thousand people are welcomed each year for special screenings, questions, and answers as well as cinema workshops.
  • Just for Laughs: Imagine that 200 comedians come together and try to make the guests laugh all the time. Yes, this is real and held in Montreal each year. Just join the waves of laughter in Canada this year!
  • Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival: Each year this festival drives more attention of documentary lovers from all around the world. With a record-breaking number of visitors, this festival hosted 211 thousand people most recently.
  • Canadian National Exhibition: Would you like to join the greatest fair of Canada that is organized in Toronto each year? A great social event for those who would like to know more about Canadian culture and sports.
  • Niagara Wine Festival: A privileged experience of wine tasting combined with the beauties of Canadian nature is offered in St. Catharines. A spectacular social event inviting everyone to come and try new food and wine while enjoying the level of hospitality in Canada. Great opportunity for children to know more about food and nature.