Applying Social Media Tools Strategically in Social Events Management

Being able to use social media tools before, during and after the social event is a great asset. However, it is not enough. There are so many strategical tactics and social media tools that event planners use to increase the fame and accessibility of the event that they are working for. Enlarging the popularity and the public recognition of the event can bring more customers in the future. The new collaborations with festivals, exhibitions, international concerts or summits can only be possible with the level of proven professionality.

Be Creative and Use Social Media for Your Social Events

Various social media platforms offer creative tools for adding more to the fame of the social events. Here is a short list of these strategies:

  • Through Facebook: Creating a community page or event’s page can help immensely. Depending on the scope of the social event, on-the-spot interviews, contests and live streamings can be used. These tactics will help event planners to reach more people than they expect in the beginning.
  • Through Instagram: Use the storytelling tools of this platform to keep your audience up to date all the time. With hashtag use, stories, videos, surveys, questions-to-be-asked, you can keep people’s curiosity alive all the time.
  • Through Twitter: Give daily summaries of each stage from the planning until the end of the event. Running a live Twitter feed of your hashtag on a large screen at your venue of the event can help immensely as well.
  • Through Youtube: Creating a formal channel for the event helps immensely so that all possible guests can be invited to this channel containing videos from the event. People can get more influenced if they see a video directly related to the event or directly showing the event’s venue.
  • Through Linkedin: Organize a group of participants even before the formal registration of the event is open. This creates a positive psychological impact on professionals since they feel quite privileged.